Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dragon BALLIN' Z

With a mixture of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Power Rangers, Pokemon, The Karate KidThe Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, Dragon Ball Z: Evolution amazed us in ways we could have never predicted. Based off of the animated TV series, which we stumbled upon on NickToons (channel 104), this adaptation may have been only rated 3.2 stars out of 10 on IMDb, but we have rated it 10 thousand stars and two thumbs way WAY up.

We start off with a shot of a drop of angsty sweat falling from the nose of non-asian Goku (great cinematic shots by the way) balancing on two tight ropes facing off against his Asian grandfather(?) who is training him to become a master of the elements. But why? That was never explained. THEN he places a glowing orb full of stars in his hand. Little did we know that this orb, this DRAGON BALL would lead to an epic journey full of determination, battles of doom and true love. The perfect balance of humor and violence (but rated PG for our youngsters) make it easy to overlook the various cliches and predictable plot lines. UNTIL the end when you discover, in a mega plot twist, why they were over-preoccupied with this never before seen character, Ozaru. We were fully impressed with the outcome and you will be too.

Not only were we pleased with the storyline, but we also give props the high-profile cast consisting of Emmy Rossum, Justin Chatwin and that guy from Pirates 3. We are curious as to how they had room in the budget for them, but we do not question it further because, in short, they were amazing.

Overall, we highly recommend this movie to all age groups, at all times, in all places, in any situation. Date night! Our only real problem is their decision to omit the original theme song from the TV series, to which we strongly suggest you listen. We've provided the link for your viewing pleasure. Dragon Ball Z

This has been LexiConErrick signing off until our next Cinemazing adventure.


  1. well. at least i liked her in phantom.

    and wow i can't believe they nabbed that guys from pirates 3! so famous that we can't remember his name!

    i haven't actually seen this movie and i heard it was ridiculously shitty, but i do know that in real life me and a friend have given the nickname goku to this guy we hate. it is seriously the most perfect nickname ever.

    ps. this is aubree via, avid sarcastic commentor of lexi. blogger won't let me comment normally. lame.

  2. I never got into the anime as a kid so I'm assuming I'd hate the film just as much lol