So Who Are We?

 All you need to know is that LexiConErrick is us:
Megan, Lauren and Lexie

We are the whos behind the red curtain.

Lauren: The Guider. She makes sure the other two stay grounded. While occasionally vetoing certain selections she doesn't deem fit, she makes wise decisions. Always there to fill you in on what happened while you were off talking and giggling through an important scene, Lauren brings an air of expertise and authority to the group that can only be matched by a true cinephile. She is often caught giving extensive and well-thought out analyses for the more confusing moments in a film. She really doesn't miss a beat. Basically everything she says sounds like it came straight out of a fortune cookie. If you have a question about anything regarding the images flashing across the big screen, don't hesitate to ask the wise one. She will have an answer, guaranteed.

Lexie: The Analyzer. Because she is so concerned with the human condition, it is clear Lexie will make a great ruler. If she is eventually going to take over, she must first understand the people she will one day rule. She tirelessly questions "why". Insightful and inquisitive, she's there to inspire you to question the things you may not, under normal circumstances, have even thought twice about. Why was this movie allowed to make it past its first screening? At what point did the character decide there was no turning back? Is this a metaphor for the eternal battle of good and evil? Why are they wearing those pants? She has questions, dammit! and she needs them answered now! Or you'll lose your head.

Megan: The Snarkist. Megan's refined sense of aesthetics allows us to present the artistic side of each film. Without her, it's possible we would have missed the green screen back drop in that one scene, or how how that camera angle is so bad, you can't even see the talking actor's face. She never fails to catch those clichéd, hilariously bad, snappy one-liners that we later reflect on and paste right into our posts for you. Her humorously undertoned personality is the reason she has such an eye for the perfect film. Without her, it's possible we could have missed out on a few extraordinary atrocities or underrated should-have-been-an-oscar-nominees! Hell, without Megan it's possible we could have picked up a mainstream, new release. And then where would we be?