Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words...

Have you ever been to a popular clothing store in the mall and been asked to donate a dollar to help prevent cyber bullying? Did you say "YES!" ? If you watched Abc Family's "Cyberbully," you would. note: true story.

Emily Osmet stars as Taylor, a seemingly normal seventeen year old high school girl with an overprotective mother and annoying younger brother. However, her life takes a dramatic change when her mother gets her her own laptop and she joins the new, popular social networking site, "Cliqusters" ("it's so raw!") for the purpose of getting closer to Scott, the guy she likes. She quickly discovers that what is put on the internet cannot be taken back. Soon there are rumors circulating around Cliqusters as well as school about Taylor and…ahem.. her honor. Taylor's two best friends, Samantha and Cheyenne, offer their loyal support by ditching her in her time of need and telling the world she has chlamydia.

It is assumed that Lindsay, the real life, as well as internet, bully is the one that has created a fake profile to ruin Taylor's life…but no… that was her best friend.  She has been doing some extra curricular activity on the world wide web and caused this whole ruckus. Taylor feels she has no one else to turn to and no where to go, she makes a drastic choice to end her agony. We, the three dedicated members of LexiConErrick, sat in agonizing suspense wondering which way she would decide to end her life (yeah, probably a little morbid and insensitive of us, but it is a movie, not real life). She settled on over-dosing on a mysterious prescription, however, she didn't get that far... Thank goodness for child proof lids! She was stopped from making this terrible mistake because "I CAN'T GET THE CAP OFF!" A good cry in the laundry room, a brief stay in the hospital, group therapy, and her loving family help heal Taylor's emotional wounds. Soon Taylor and her mother are taking action and by introducing her story to the local paper. She soon realizes that she is not alone in her stand against bullies and finds herself backed by schoolmates when she confronts Lindsay.

We were especially fond of the stellar cast. We were faced with a misty haze of the shadows of Disney Channel past. Who were those Panabakers anyway? They weren't even in any seasoned show. I recall a few DComs…but really…where did they come from? Poor Emily Osment…this is her life now. At least she also gets to be teen activist. And boy! Were we pleased when we saw Kirsten Cohen's crooked chin!

We were a fan of the way the movie took on the role of an advice column. We feel we can't laugh too much at this movie, on account of the serious issues presented, but just let us tell you, it's funny. Between Kirsten Cohen's mom shirts, poorly expressed cyber slander ("you nekkid whore!"), and home decor reminiscent of a nice garage sale haul, we couldn't help but snicker on occasion. Call us insensitive, we already know. Lexie is perfecting her cyber bully persona.

This is LexiConErrick singing off of another Cinemazing adventure!

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